«My Fellow White People»

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Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time on Twitter has noticed a peculiar form of deception that a very specific group of people engages in. Even today I saw a recent example of this phenomenon involving a movie director who talked about racism in the context that whites can’t be a victim of it. Of course, with the times changing and more and more people becoming aware, his behavior did not pass unnoticed.

Josh Fox, white people can't experience racism

Josh Fox my fellow white people

Josh Fox response when called out
Anyone who notices this pattern is obviously a white supremacist

It is something so dishonest, so manipulative and so brazen that the first time you encounter it, it is hard to even believe that someone would deliberately do this. But this is no accident and this is not a one time thing.

This video has of course been removed from Youtube before and probably will be again if it gets more views. The type of behavior that is shown is very difficult to explain away. Any time someone says «My fellow white people» or «Dear white people» while pretending to speak for whites, it is safe to assume that this is done by someone who wants to denigrate whites as a whole. This is not done to benefit whites, nor is it done with good intentions. And the people who do this are almost always Jewish. It’s a remarkable «coincidence».

Here’s a video with the «American» media personality Michael Skolnik (whose Twitter feed is also featured in the above video) where he talks about his «white privilege» and how it allows him to get away with things that a non-white person would never get away with doing. The shamelessness is truly astounding.

Trayvon Martin got his just deserts. He attacked George Zimmerman and violently beat him, and Zimmerman then defended himself by shooting the aspiring rapper. The claim that reversing the roles would make any difference is absurd. If someone’s attacking you, you’re not gonna let them just beat you to death because they’re white. And if there’s any disproportionate rate at which black «teens» are put down by neighborhood watchmen or anyone else, it is because they are disproportionately violent.

Anyway, the above video shows exactly how a member of an alien tribe seeks to undermine the interests of Europeans while pretending that he’s actually a white man. His goal is to trick whites into thinking that they’re all racist by «admitting» to having privilege because they have been born white, although he’s not actually a white man and belongs to a group of people that acts completely different than the average white person.

Jews are not white, they only pretend to be when pushing an agenda that is detrimental to whites as a group.

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